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About IDC

What Is the IDC?

The IDC (International Dockworkers Council) is an association formed by organizations of dockworkers from all over the world. It is defined by its basic principles as being a united, independent, democratic, assembly-based working-class organization.

Our objectives are to support member unions in winning and maintaining appropriate labor standards and working conditions in the sector for all port workers worldwide, to create a network of international solidarity in defense of the profession and to actively participate as an international movement of workers standing up to the economic globalization of businesses in the sector.

Globally, it is the only international organization that coordinates and directly brings together dockworkers’ unions.



  • To coordinate the defense and promotion of the interests of dockworkers internationally
  • To collaborate with all affiliates in all activities undertaken in defense of the rights of their workers
  • To coordinate the study, training and promotion of activities for member organizations, facilitating a constant exchange of information.
  • To promote solidarity among organizations of port workers and the rest of the working class.
  • To encourage the true practice of workers' democracy, understood as workers freely choosing their own objectives and identifying their own problems and solutions.


The IDC firmly believes in training and secialization of port workers to contribute to stability and economic growth of ports, always under decent conditions of health and safety and labor security.

In this sense, our work focuses on:

  • Professional training and union training. To promote lifelong learning and provide quality and flexible services.
  • Health and Safety. To work for safer ports for workers with the lowest possible accident rate.